Project Description


The Sanicubic® 2 Classic contains two separate, load balanced pumps with high-performance macerating systems and will operate alternately. In the event of inflow overload, both motors run at the same time, or in the unlikely event that one motor fails, the other one will take over.

  • Ideal for busy business environments and larger domestic situations
  • Tough, reliable macerator pump
  • New design with easily removable motor for servicing and maintenance
  • Water level indicator unit can be easily removed for maintenance
  • Load balanced twin macerator pumps for a failsafe system
  • Alternate activation ensures even wear of motors
  • Two alarms for ultimate safety – both hard-wired
  • Centre heights of inlets 40mm
  • Working temperature of 35°C. Will handle up to 70°C for short periods.
    (See Sanicom  and 2 for higher temperatures and longer periods)
  • IP68 rated
  • Can be connected to a Building Management System

Before VAT

  • Tough, reliable macerator pump

Incl. VAT

  • Tough, reliable macerator pump

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