Social Responsibility


At the core of our being lies a strong commitment to serving our community with integrity. We understand the importance of pursuing innovation and sustainable growth in order to safeguard our future as both a company and a member of our community.

We do this in a number of ways


Our focus remains fixed on enhancing our approach to achieving a zero-waste policy, minimising our carbon footprint through feasible means, and promoting the use of recyclable initiatives. We are constantly exploring ways to improve our strategies in these areas.

Helping Locally

Thoughout the years we have helped a lot of sports clubs and charitable causes raise money, awareness and community spirit. Below you’ll find links to a few of them

Helping Globally

If everyone took global action even on a small level, we could create a better world for all and improve the environment. We are all interconnected in this world and we’re doing our bit to help where we can.