Striving to improve our environmental footprint

At Pump Technology Ltd., we are continually striving to improve our environmental footprint.

We started with our DrainMajor wastewater pumping range by changing the collecting tank material from GRP to a fully recyclable Polyethylene.

More recently we have been working with a packaging consultant to ensure that we can pack equipment more securely, with less potential material waste, while using truly environmental materials.

Now all our packaging is recyclable!

All single use plastics such OXO bubble wrap and Omegatech pallet wrap are fully recyclable. However, even if they end up in landfill, they will biodegrade within a 2-to-3-year period.

If you are specifying or purchasing a wastewater or floor mounted sewage pumping system, and are committed to working with companies who are environmentally focused and demonstrate globally recognized environmental accreditations such as ISO:14001:2004, then Pump Technology Ltd, perfectly meets this objective.

For more information about Pump Technology Ltd.’s efforts to support the environment please do not hesitate to call.