Sanisub S-ZPK


SANISUB S-ZPK, is a portable submersive pump suitable for saline water. Two different models are available. SANISUB S-ZPK is a portable submersible pump for pumping clear water from cellars, garages and rainwater manholes. Available in two power ratings of 300 and 850 W, they can pump up to 7.5m (30A) or 10m (40A) high with automatic release thanks to the standard float. The S-ZPK versions have a silicon carbide mechanical seal and a 316L STAINLESS STEEL motor housing to drain grey water such as brine water from softeners or salt water (max 15%).
  • Pump for fast flowing or saline water (salt content max. 15%)
  • Lifting height of 7.5m (30A) or 10M (40A)
  • 2 models available 30A – 300W & 40A – 850W
  • Automatic float release

Product Sheet

Install Instructions

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IP rating IP68
Maximum current consumption 2 A
Maximum incoming water temperature 90 °C intermittently (max 5 min)
Power frequency 50-60 Hz
Materials Polyethylene
Activation method Float