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A single or dual motor lifting station that can be used for pumping residential or industrial wastewater when the sewer is at too high a level for natural gravity drainage.
Designed for drainage of a single dwelling with multiple storeys, incorporating WC, bathroom, kitchen, utility room.

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We use Pump Technology Ltd, to source all our replacement wastewater and sewage pumps, plus replacement of Saniflo commercial pumping systems as well.
They hold a diverse range of pumps and can generally replace like for like, or if a model is now superceded they are excellent at selecting an equivalent, both pumping performance and fit.
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Trever Hogsden, Technical Drain solutions Ltd.

SANIFOS® 610 is an automatic lifting station for residential or industrial waste. It can take waste from a toilet, basin, bath, shower, bidet, washing machine, dishwasher and sink. It is designed to take waste from a single residential dwelling with multiple storeys including bathroom, kitchen, utility room etc. It comes in five versions the first two have one pump and can be grinder or vortex. The rest come with two separate load balanced macerator pumps and come in vortex or grinder – with high performance robust cutting blades to prevent clogging. They all have powerful automatic motors with quiet operation. The final version is a three-phase vortex version that comes with a large-bore vortex pump that can pump away waste without the need to macerate.

The Sanifos 610 has a 610-litre storage tank which is high-density polyethylene and offers high mechanical resistance and is resistant to chemical attack. It offers easy handling for installation below ground level. The Sanifos 610 has six inlets that can take up to 125 mm, and it discharges through 40 or 50 mm pipework. The Sanifos comes with a 2-year warranty.

SANIFOS® 610 comes with a smart control box, tank with pre-mounted hydraulics s, 2 isolation valves, 2 non-return valves and 3 floats installed in the tank. It also comes with an external wired alarm for added peace of mind. It offers 4 drilling zones to allow access into the tank where needed for your project and extensions are available for the Sanifos should they be needed.

  • Contains either one or two separate load balanced pumps with vortex or grinder high-performance macerating systems, comes in single or three-phase versions

  • In the event or inflow overload, if two pump version, both motors run at the same time or in the unlikely event that one motor fails, the other one will take over for a failsafe system

  • Pumps up to 13m-16m depending on unit chosen

Price on Application

Inlet diameter 6 inlets Ø ext. 50/40/100/110/125
Motor power 1500 W
IP rating IP68
Maximum incoming water temperature 70 °C intermittently (max 5 min)
Vent diameter 2 x Ø ext. 75
Materials Polyethylene
Activation method Float
Check valve Yes

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