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SANIFLOOR+ 3 Pump and drain for shower tray (part number 1156)

Designed specifically where floor drainage is required but where space underneath is very limited e.g. wet rooms. This two part kit with a powerful shower waste pump and a choice of three waste designs can pump up to 3m vertically as well as 30m horizontally. Higher flow rate means it can be used with powerful ‘rain head’ showers.

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Will Booth, Contractor.

Easy installation: Wireless communication between pump and drain.

  • Suits wet rooms and low level shower trays

  • Ideal for high flow applications

  • Pump and waste inlet can be up to 3m apart horizontally

  • Dual function – sucks waste up from the gully and pumps waste water away up to 3m vertically or 30m horizontally

  • Pump can be sited up to 300mm above the gully

  • All gully types are 90mm in diameter

Rain shower, anywhere, without major works.

  • Easy maintenance thanks to removable and cleanable hair drain (without screws)

  • 2-Year Warranty

Before VAT

  • SANIFLOOR HIFLOOR +3 For Shower Trays

Incl. VAT

  • SANIFLOOR HIFLOOR +3 For Shower Trays
Dimensions l x w x h (mm) 295 x 191 x 164
Number of available inlets 1
Inlet diameter 16 mm
Recommended discharge pipe diameter 32 mm
Motor power 400W
Supply voltage 220-240V/50Hz
Electrical class 1
IP rating N/A
Sound level N/A
Maximum horizontal discharge 30 m
Maximum vertical discharge 3 m
Activation level N/A

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