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Project Description


Designed specifically where floor drainage is required but where space underneath is very limited e.g. wet rooms. This two part kit with a powerful shower waste pump and a choice of three waste designs can pump up to 3m vertically as well as 30m horizontally. Higher flow rate means it can be used with powerful ‘rain head’ showers.

  • Suits wet rooms and low level shower trays
  • Ideal for high flow applications
  • Pump and waste inlet can be up to 3m apart
  • Dual function – sucks waste up from the gully and
    pumps waste water away up to 3m vertically or
    30m horizontally
  • Pump can be sited up to 300mm above the gully
  • All gully types are 90mm in diameter

Before VAT

  • SANIFLOOR 2 For Vinyl Floors

Incl. VAT

  • SANIFLOOR 2 For Vinyl Floors

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