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SANICOM 2 (Part Number 1046/2)

The Sanicom 2 is identical to Sanicom 1 but features two powerful motors where the second motor is a failsafe back-up to ensure that you always have continuity of service for your business.

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INSTALLER: Simple and quick installation.

  • Ideal for heavy commercial applications

  • Safe, reliable pump plus backup motor

  • Unit operates automatically

  • Two 40mm side entries and air vent/connection to exterior

  • Working temperature of 35°C

  • Will handle up to 90°C for short periods

  • External hard-wired alarm

Before VAT

  • Twin Pump: A lifting pump for waste water

Incl. VAT

  • Twin Pump: A lifting pump for waste water

We use Pump Technology Ltd, to source all our replacement wastewater and sewage pumps, plus replacement of Saniflo commercial pumping systems as well.
They hold a diverse range of pumps and can generally replace like for like, or if a model is now superceded they are excellent at selecting an equivalent, both pumping performance and fit.
With their large stocks, new pumps are dispatched to us the same day of enquiry for a next day delivery, their assistance and service means we are always confident in solving our clients pumping problems promptly

Trever Hogsden, Technical Drain solutions Ltd.

Weight 23,6 kg
Inlet diameter • Top rear inlet: Ø ext. 50 et Ø ext. 40
• Bottom side inlets: Ø ext. 75, Ø ext. 50 et Ø ext. 40
Motor power 2 x 1500 W
Supply voltage 220-240V/50Hz
Electrical class 1
IP rating IP44
Activation level 145 mm
Maximum current consumption 13 A
Maximum incoming water temperature 90 °C intermittently (max 5 min)
Discharge pipe diameter DN50 (Ø ext. 50 mm)
Weight (including accessories) 26 kg
Maximum recommended depth 10 m
Tank volume 34.5 L
Vent diameter 50 mm
Possible connections Connection options: Greywater from bathroom (without toilet), kitchen, laundry

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